The Dream

One sunday afternoon, I was just chilling out reading a pokemon book. When I finished the book I went to my laptop to play minecraft with my annoying brothers, suddenly a bunch of voices started screaming at me, When I saw parts of my laptop and itself screaming at me to tell me something.     

Mr. Egg the keyboard. Mr. Egg can control the words I write down.He doesn’t like it when he is off so I leave him open. His superpower is to control the keys on him, he loves to do things by himself but whenever I have to do something he can no longer do what he wants. His other power is to come up with an illusion he pretends that he is on but when I look again he is off.His best friend is Mr. Cheese the electrical mouse.Mr. Egg is called Mr. Egg because his buttons are like the egg yolk and the egg yolk looks like a button. Then he said in a gentlemen’s voice “pick me I know that I’m great unlike the other two”. 

Mr. Cheese the electrical mouse. Mr. Cheese is the one who controls the little arrow on my laptop. He also is like Mr. Egg. He doesn’t  like to be turned off so I leave him open. His other power is to teleport since he is a wireless electrical mouse he can go wherever he wants to but he rarely goes anywhere. Also like Mr. Egg commented that he is better but in a confident voice he said “pick me I’m more useful than the others”.  

Mr. Rec is my bigger screen for my laptop. He displays all the things (well most of them) on my laptop. He is big and a rectangle shape that is why he is called Mr. Rec. His superpower is to make things bigger. He is technically like a rotom dex from pokemon but he can’t fly and follow me around. He said something like the other two he said in a normal voice “I’m the best out of all of them pick me”. 

They all said they wanted to see who was the best out of all three so I picked my favourite one and it was all of them but they said only one of them could be picked so I was gonna pick one but I woke up from the dream and forgot I had to get ready for school.

When I thought about it I was relieved that it was only a dream and not real or I would be weirded out.


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