To My Thoughts

When my brain is packed to the brim with thoughts,
a simple flick of my pen may blow the mind of others
Give them something to focus on, 
MORE than the real thunder of a world surrounding them. 

To when I ponder, 
writing a story may bring me joy 
however when a spark is triggered
I have this mystery I know nothing about now 
to write this ending.
To my eyes that give me wonder 
even when I can’t see as well as others, 
with their 2020 vision or super steel eyes.
I still have this tool better than others who want this help.
While they are stuck, 
I am free. 

To the people who don’t judge me when I’m down
My friends, interest similar to mine, my love with support
I hope for them to reach their dream
A Sudden Loud Sound!!!
They come out of nowhere with no warning or context 
without my knowledge I overthink, 
by a bang. 

A bang can be scary, but something nagging in the back of my head,
is just like that small sound that is just there, 
for only you to poke at.
A thought, a sudden without a blink of an eye. 
The idea, the fact that people can stand, 
speak around someone they know nothing about, 
laugh, point, whisper about ACTING like they know their whole life,
just brings tears to my eye, sure I’m sure,
but you’ll never see me. 


Proudly funded by the NSW Government