Transmission 1…

Hello all my followers on Earth! Thanks for tuning in! If this is your first time, welcome to my YouTube channel – broadcasting live from Mars! Here are some things you should know about me and my mission. I’m really smart and I used to be a mechanic and a scientist. I can live in any condition. I came to Mars for an important mission. I installed Telstra towers for my very own wifi so I can share my progress and videos. 

I’ve been up here for a year by myself, and yeah, I got pretty bored. It started around about 11 months but I recently installed wifi towers and brought my own KFC maker machine and junk food. I also brought a PS4 up here to play Fortnite with my friends, but I am away on 1000 ping and I go reeeeee when I die. 

Even though it was sometimes boring, this mission was so important because we needed to know if there was water on Mars, if there is life on Mars and if you can live there permanently. 

Transmission 2…

Hey viewers – so today something went wrong and it was almost a catastrophe! There were two options staring me in the eyes which were going past a volcano which could erupt at any moment or going through a dust storm which could send me off my path or lead me to death. 

It was actually good research for my mission, though! Because I got to see what a volcano looks like in space and how it works. I have found out that there is no life here so far but so much hasn’t been explored so that it is unlivable on Mars. 

It was really scary there for a while. First I had to climb a giant volcano that could erupt and send me flying at any moment. It was terrifying thinking that my life could end in a second and die from raging lava falling slowly down. The temperature changed and I could see the space station about one kilometer away and I have 5% oxygen. 

Transmission 3…

Hello my followers from Earth a lot of you have been asking what I have been eating . I have been eating cereal, peaches, bananas, tuna, liquid cheese, powdered milk, rice, chocolate, orange juice, water and liquid salt and pepper. This is what I use to make all the foods I eat. A personal favourite is tuna stuffed with cheese and rice baked around it with salt on it. It’s what my son made me. 

Transmission 4…

How close did you come to not being able to leave mars?

I was so close to not being able to leave mars 

What worked when you were trying to fix the space shuttle?

Things that worked were putting out the fire and fixing the cracked window.

Was one part harder than another?

The hardest bit was Killing all the bugs and it was harder than putting out the fire.

What didn’t work?

Getting rid of the goo didnt work.

Is your astronaut pleased with the job they’ve done?

Yes I am pleased with the job he did.

Transmission 5…

Intercepted from an alien spacecraft…

The smelly toilet on our ship is about to explode poop please hurry a poop explosion could happen or death.

Hello all my followers on earth! Oh wow i just got the strangest message it took me some time to figure this message out and it was from some strange creatures. They said “the smelly toilet on our ship is about to explode poop please hurry a poo explosion could happen at any moment or death” I had been suspicious about aliens for a while and this just confirmed that aliens are in fact real. I didn’t expect to get a message from aliens. This was a shocking discovery.

Transmission 6…

Some questions have come through asking what I have missed…

I have really missed my dog and have been thinking of him all the time. My favourite part has been learning new things. I saw that aliens exist.

Have you missed your parents? 

I have missed my parents so much there cooking was so amazing.

What was the toughest part of your trip? 

The toughest part of my trip was leaving my family.

What have you learnt?

That i can live without my parents.

What does your bed look like? 

My bed looks like a coffin. 

What food have you not enjoyed? 

I haven’t enjoyed dried bananas.

What have you learnt?

I learnt that dried bananas are disgusting.