Wolla Wunga

Once there lived a boy named Wolla Wunga, he was born in the desert far away where he lived by himself and he was only 9 years old. And no one could make it to the desert where he lives. Because on their way there, they will pass this dangerous orchid that’s in the shape of an evil soldier, which is weird. In another city there was news about the desert that was going all over the news that there is a small desert with everything they would need like gold, silver, metal, freshwater, food, animals so they can make money from the poor people that had some. But they were wrong.

Wolla Wunga has this type of power that when something bad is coming, his brain alerts him that something is coming. So he planned well, before it happened so he went to his underground cave, no one can get down there. Because they don’t know where the secret passage button to get down there. It was made of rocks, sticks, and reusable rubbish.

Wolla Wunga put traps near his secret passage so the badie would not find a way to get down there. So Wolla Wunga was waiting, till he heard the noise of other humans with gunshots and the horrible yelling. While he was waiting down there he was thinking about this girl that was running somewhere. She looked like she was in a rich family with her beautiful clean long dress, right about her ankles, but she looked upset. He wanted to ask her if you were okay but who knows if she’s good or bad or planning a trick on me. 

Because of those narsty soldier he couldn’t bare looking or listening to the last word my mother said to me when he was 5 year old his mother says run as fast as you can when they see him. They were horrible to the poors, his mother said run for your life, never ever let them get you hide far, not close, just the place you would love it. The words she said to me meant a lot to me. It’s underground and he said where? It was too late for her to answer my question, her eyes stared straight at me. My heart  stopped feeling like I wasn’t in my body and felt traumatized.

He ran for his life just like his mother told him to before the soldier could catch him. Now as a routine, he trains by himself till someone who tries to destroy him comes. Just like how they destroy his mother. No one is ever going to do that to his entire family like trees because that’s his hidden home underground. Now he has a few hours before he can get out and hunt for dinner, they would take at least 3 hours. While he was down there he realised there was a tunnel leading to a bright light. So he crawled down there and he found a little piece of gold and silver in a pattern. It was suspicious, but he went for it. He kept going till he suddenly saw no gold. Then he thought, this can’t be the place my mother was talking about because she would have told me earlier, before she died. Anyway, that’s in the past. It could be the start of a brighter happy world where he wouldn’t have to hide from anyone anymore. Well if his mum was here she would be a fortune teller. He should move here now, well there’s nothing really to move. Maybe he could meet some friends so he took a look and he didn’t see any people. He saw no one and wanted to burst out crying. He’s been living by himself for four year. He will have a better time so he enjoyed it the most he could and he focused on the positive not the negative. Well at least there are rabbits and other animals so he enjoyed it.


These stories were written in our Factory Feedback program, which was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.