100 days of Minecraft: Day 2 by Felix

By Felix, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

I woke to hear grunting noises in the background. I jumped to find no more than fifteen villagers staring at me. I prepared myself for the fight, but none attacked me instead grunted.

Yeah, grunt I thought to myself.

A voice said “move”.

I just stood there when some weird person who looked like he was too fit for the army, came walking in and stared. “Who are you?” I said, the guy replied “Hey, skinny, I’m asking the questions”. He cleared his throat “Why were you fighting seventeen mobs in the middle of the night?”.


Soon I found myself walking through the village. 

“That is Mr Chow owner of some big restaurant” the man said, “and that’s Mrs Peters she is having so much trouble trying to deal with rabbits stealing her carrots”

I found the villagers were actually nice, but they just grunted. I also found that the villagers were scared of mobs, so they had a wall of wood. 

When night hit lots of villagers went to bed, praying everything would be over. I looked over guard on the stone tower. I could see lots of mobs trying to break down, but no luck. Ha! I thought mobs are just as dumb and weak as idiots!. I saw something though, a poor villager was left out and the mobs were gaining on him. 

I decided to help him.

I jumped down and ran through the houses, opened the gate and shoved him in. 

Now the only way for the mobs to get to their meals was me. I held out my sword, just new. Without warning, I charged at a zombie slicing its head clear off. The mobs were stunned for a moment, but just attacked.

The mobs were attacking me from all sides and I had a flashback, me again fighting lots of mobs in the middle of nowhere. Before I could pass out again, three arrows pierced the air like bullets hitting the mobs directly through the head. I sighed phew I was almost a goner.

I looked to find my new friend Fred standing over me, “that’s the last of them” he said. I looked back to see five mobs running away in fear.

“You make a great traveling partner,” Fred said. “Do you want to join my quest?”I nodded.

The next day the villagers thanked us for making sure the mobs didn’t get in and gave us supplies. We set off into the wilderness


Herobrine petted the dragon. He had three kingdoms to himself ‘The Overworld’, ‘The Nether’ and of course ‘The End’


More In Day 3… 


“You make a great traveling partner,” Fred said. “Do you want to join my quest?”I nodded. 

Fred said “You make a great traveling partner, do you want to join my quest?”

I nodded.

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