By Felix, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

That was just one day since we left the village and I’m homesick. The Minecraft game was fun, but it was too much for me.

I’m still a kid you know!

Luckily we sat down when the sun was setting and ate our meal. I thought about the mobs that might attack us, I shivered at such thoughts. The fire crackled under the night sky, “let me tell you a story” Fred said suddenly “A true one”

It was the year on Minecraft 0213 people happily were living under the command of The Mojang Council. It was a peaceful time, until the command block was invented by the coders.

I’m sure you’re wondering what it is?  I will tell you.

The command block allows you to code commands that you want to do only primarily, but it has great power. Only experienced coders can use it. It was used to help construct cities on the overworld. And everyone agreed that it was useful, but not all soon a normal person called Herobrine wanted power and saw use in the command block so he bargained at the black markets for a huge amount of it.

He was so powerful that he was a monster himself.

He created viruses for a villager and it became a zombie. He constructed teleporting tall skeletons and their world, created the core of Minecraft and built deadly fire breathing monsters.

The Overworld, The Nether, The Ends

“Woah” I said between mouthfuls, I gulped “so this Herobrine guy is the king of some mobs?”

“Kingdoms as well” said Fred glumly “I used to be a Nether-blooded citizen, but they casted me out for protesting against Herobrine and the Zombie Pig king”

“Don’t worry” I said “we can destroy herobrine and you can show how powerful you are even if you are a citizen” 

“You’re right” he said standing up “come on, sun is rising” and we looked at the sun rise in the distance…


To be continued on day 4…

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