A close call of a shark chose surfboard over human by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

On the first of may 2022 a girl that lives in Hawaii is called Natalie that’s 12 had a close call of  a shark, while she was surfing at High waves beach. She saw a midget shark that ate her surfboard. Natalie was so afraid she peed her swimmers till the whole beach water turned yellow. Then the shark left after eating her surfboard and she was surprised she wasn’t eaten. Then she had a bad idea and decided to follow the shark. Then Natalie tapped the midget shark’s forehead to say  thanks for not eating her, then the midget shark swam under her and the girl swam back to shore then she thought they were friends. She came the next day and she brang four surfboards this time. She gave three to the shark. Now on they would hang out together till someone came by to that beach and yelled midget shark 3x then everyone came over and took photos and made calls then Natalie said stop stop and she said the midget shark is my friend. Everyone stood their looking at her silently  and was waiting for the shark to make a move and eat her but it didn’t they were waiting for half an hour still nothing happened then they realized they were actually were friends few days after they made magazines, news and even signs that says there’s is a girl named Natalie and she 12, she is a friend to a midget shark all she has to do is feed it surf boards and the shark never ate her only the board. Then they got really popular and they were all never scared of the midget shark again.

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