Air Hotel 3000

Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Today would be the maiden voyage of the Air Hotel 3000. It will fly from Australia, over the Himalayan Mountains across the Atlantic Ocean and finally it will land in Los Angeles, California. I will be in the fifth story thirty fifth from the right.The main accommodations in the hotel are the swimming pool, arcade, your room and the spa. I am extremely excited for the trip because this will be a once in a lifetime experience.  I will be boarding the Air Hotel at 3 pm. I have packed my suitcase with my camera, iPad, laptop and lots of clothes. I tried getting some sleep but the adrenaline rush kept me up all night. I finally managed to get some sleep but to my dismay my clock started beeping because it was now nine o’clock.

I got into my Uber and told the driver to head for the International Hotel Port. The boarding style for air hotels and Aeroplane airports are very different. The hotel ports take you straight to your rooms whereas on airports you have to walk from one side of the plane to the other side of the plane. As soon as I got to my room I unpacked my suitcases before the plane could take off so I could make the most of the twenty day cruise. The rooms had a giant fifty inch tv with a PS5 and xbox series X console hooked up to the tv. The bed had the perfect view of the tv so ideally i would sleep in bed while playing games on the PS5.

The captain  said “Attention all passengers, you are free to move around once we reach cruising altitude, in the meanwhile you may use the entertainment systems provided in your bedrooms/apartments”. I quickly went to the bathroom to take a nice warm bath so my body can slowly wake up. After the warm bath I put on the super soft robe that was  provided. I turned the tv on and went to Netflix to start watching a tv series which I would watch throughout the flight. I finally chose to watch Stranger Things.

On the tv it said we had reached cruising altitude. I went to the enormous swimming pool because there were so many slides going down to the bay of water. I climbed up to the highest diving board and did a somersault and glided into the water. The ambience speaker said “please return to your rooms and lunch will now be served.” I walked to my room, took a quick shower and a menu appeared on my tv. I chose a deluxe gourmet hamburger with a side of French fries and frozen coke and some salmon sushi. The lunch was absolutely delicious and all the flavours were combined so well.

Tune in for episode two for the Air Hotel 3000 vlog series. Make sure you watch all episodes from 1 to 28.

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