Amusement Park Stories

By Quinton

Turns out this robot was created to greet guests as they entered the park, but it slowly developed a mind of its own.

Their name is G96.

G96 Is white and green. It’s mouth is like a grinder and tickets come out of the back of its head. it has three hubs under its body that makes it float. It has a square door in its stomach to put huge packages in. It’s arm’s reach out and grab people if they try to sneak in and the bottom hub is a vacuum cleaner if people chuck rubbish on the ground. 

They greet people by saying “Ha-llo. Gree-tings. tick-ets pl-ease. You ha-ve arr-i-ved. En-joy.”

How do they move? G96 floats above the ground. it has a jetpack to move around. He does not dance. 

A major event  was Nova Adelaide, a normal kid, and her parents do secrets but the manager Abrina is bad. She’s the second captain of Luna Port ship in Space with houses. Nova lives on the ship but she comes to the amusement park one day and gives G96 stardust. That allows him to travel through the space time continuum and help people who are in trouble. the stardust makes him a superhero who can help people and think for himself.