Year 9

After Debert Towney Jason finished his work, he walked to the bus stop with a tired feeling and yawning sometimes. He checked the bus timetable on his phone because he found out the bus was 30 minutes late. Finally the bus arrived, he walked hopelessly on to the bus with anger, because he realised the bus was full. He thought today was the worst Friday ever.

He went back home, had a shower then he fell into a deep sleep. He woke up from the screaming on the street. At first he ignored the screaming and tried to go back to sleep but it became louder and louder. He quickly jumped out from the bed and opened the front door, he thought the city looked like in the war. The buildings were burning and smoke covered the sky. He took a breath, felt that the air changed and possibly thought it might be poisonous gases. Jason ran to the kitchen and grabbed a mask. Then he quickly called his best friend Feng. They discussed a plan, at first they decided to meet at the nearest underground station. Secondly they talked about what stuff to bring, Feng would bring emergency medical supplies, Jason would bring basic necessities for survival. Finally Jason and Feng chose the best time to start their journey into a catastrophic life.

After a few months, Jason and Feng looked very haggard and terribly fatigued. They passed many dangerous situations but they still had hope in their hearts.