Are We Here Yet?

By Lauren, Year 10

Written as part of Factory Feedback

The serenity of such an atmosphere continued to play a soft melody, soothing the two into an unworldly state of consciousness. The vast endless ocean of harmonious oranges, reds and pinks swirled together to unveil new land. Giant mythical jellyfish-like creatures roamed the waters, providing a safe haven, protecting and watching over anyone who enters the vortex of serenity. Their fingers wrapped their own, emitting the sparks of everlasting friendship and bliss; two friends who still are the bestest of friends ever since birth. Upon discovering a new world no has yet to tell the story of, a sharp exhilarating thunder sounded within the two best friends being curiously led by the question: Has the ‘future’ been reached yet?

An underlying world shielding the two. From what?

Inspecting the world the two could not help but compare it to their own ‘reality’ or ‘perception’ of what they lived through prior. Envious beatings bursted; why couldn’t Earth be like this? How is this so peaceful? I wonder if I can live here forever? The isolation from others except themselves created happiness, netting themselves to ‘their’ own world. An endless room, where you cannot escape, a box enclosing victims into a loop of idyllic dreams only, an illusion where nothing is malicious. 

Stuck within a simulation, with only yourself…

Resting in an infinite bubble of a concoction of tranquil elixir, the silence was deafening, a sharp humming sound only ever could pierce the two. Time in the kaleidoscope tunnel-like world, was no longer a pressure society has ingrained into humans and the two exploited it. A haven, pillowing both naive people, there was ever so much in an enclosure. 

A contaminated vessel pulsed under the water, a deathly red bright as the sun, veined across the entire world, possessing the horizon, and illuminating the world into a hellish atmosphere. A clear trigger for the deformation and radiation-like transformations onto the wandering beasts, limbs and heads protruded from the bodies, a human-like texture disapatting the safe feeling of soft protective tentacles they once had. The two travellers could only turn a blind eye, refusing to leave their delusion of ‘home’. A repetition of an old forgotten world. 

An allusion of a once luscious land replaces their vision and all of the ugly changes are still unknown, sleeping peacefully without any disruptions and concerns to anyone else. Watching over the outsiders the creature mutates into mixtures of unknown human remains, we are always afraid of things that resemble us humans.

‘How can we live in a world other than this?’

A hazed blur covers my sight, as I distance and detach myself from ‘reality’, merely peering over the high and euphoric rush of my companion, does he realise I’m here anymore? Why didn’t I leave this place earlier? Why is this happening? 

Nothing can be down, never has such an idyllic utopia resembling humanity’s greatest fears and feeding us satisfaction of isolation trapped us into a queue for death. Realising the future is a complete catastrophe, accepting we haven’t reached such a world of such wonder or danger yet.

Embracing the warm liquid around me into my body, lonely…

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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