Bad People Judge Others by Levi

By Levi, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

It is foolish to judge others! It is wrong! It is not right! Everybody knows that things are not always as they appear. It is absolutely wrong to judge others as it can have a devastating effect on their mental health, it can break down relationships and you don’t know what is happening in their lives.

To begin with, our world is full of people struggling with mental health. Our hospitals are overflowing! So many of the people requiring treatment have been wrongly judged by others leading them to poor mental health. People are always judged by uninformed others! 

Secondly,  judging other people can absolutely break down relationships. For example, little Timmy and little Johnston are best friends until the day that Timmy thinks that Johnston cheats in a game. He calls him out on it. He kicks him out of the game. Further to this, judging others can break down relationships or friendships just because of a wrong judgement.  

Lastly, you don’t know what’s happening in people’s lives. If you’re bullying someone or you’re getting bullied, think about this. You don’t know what’s happening in someone’s life. Their parents can be divorced, their mum and dad may fight every night or one of their family members could have died. You don’t know people’s full life story so you shouldn’t judge them just because they don’t have something.

In conclusion, people should not bully others because it can lead to poor mental health, it will stop you from having friends and you will have a bad life. Would you like it if someone judged you? Absolutely not! Everybody knows that things are not always as they seem.

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