Being Perfect by Shaba

By Shaba, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Queen Hanako and King Takeo had 3 daughters Yumi (22), Hideko (18) and Etsuko (16). But one of them has turned against their whole family. Leaving the Youngest to blame for their actions.

Will she be able to back into the castle walls? Or will she be banished forever?




‘Emita!!! Can you come down here!’ shouted mom, as I came walking through the hallways.

‘Coming mother’ I replied, taking the last flight of stairs. As I entered the room, there was my mother, standing right infront of the window having her back faced to me.

‘You called, mother?’ I said bowing,

‘Yes, my dear’ she responded.

‘Why am I here?’ I thought to myself, I thought a little more until mother snapped.

‘ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!’ she said angrily ‘how impolite’.

‘I-I’ I stuttered, ‘I’m sorry’ I bowed begging for forgiveness.

She took a deep breath, then sighed. ‘Go get your older sister’


I exited the room, walking with my head towards the ground, ‘I messed up didn’t I?’.

I went outside to get Yumi, she was standing one the bridge looking at the fish.

‘I could hear you approaching me Etsuko’,

‘E-e-eh!?’ I stammered.

She giggled as her purple hair shone like the sun. I stood there in shock, wondering what the next thing she’ll do, guess the future? She smiled back at me, as I took a deep breath.

‘Mother wants you’ I stated.

‘I’ll be on my way.’ she exclaimed. Once again she smiled back at me, revealing her pearl teeths.

As she walked through the bridge into the garden I took a glance at Hideko. She was crying near the pond. I took my whole body and started approaching her. I sat down beside her, hugging her.

‘Are you ok?’ I asked

‘I’m alright, Etsu,’ replied Hideko, ‘no need to worry about me’. I saw her small, sad grin.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, feeling more worried.

‘Ye im alright’

I stood up, walking away from the pond. 


‘Finally you’re here’ mother announced to Yumi ‘Now… Why are you late?’

‘I was caught up with a few things’ replied Yumi, looking at Mother, smiling at her. Mother looked back, looking disgusted by Yumi’s smile.

‘Stop that fake smile of yours’ she said as she left the room.

Yumi tears started flowing down her ocean eyes, ‘why do i even bother trying…?’


I came just in time, only to see Yumi drying up her tears and putting on her smile.

Was my sister faking a smile my whole life? What is going on? 

It’s not just Hidek, it’s also Yumi who’s also gloomy.

I went back to Hideko, and as soon as I was there Hideko was with father with a scar on her face.

‘W-what did you do to your sister?’

‘I did nothing!’ I barked back ‘I just came back!’.





They were Banning me from the castle, because of one thing I didn’t do.

I closed my eyes begging for forgiveness, but when I opened my eyes I realized I was only facing the stone wall. I’m scared… I thought.

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