Bellawra’s Journey by Leana

By Leana, Stage 3

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Bella was remembering the times when she used to play with her older brother’s outside on the bright green grass. Now all that’s left is yellow and the brown patches of dirt. Bang! She stopped daydreaming and realised that something had exploded in her backyard. “We have to leave now, ” exclaimed her cousins as they barged into her room. Then and there in that moment, she knew Iraq wasn’t safe anymore. They quickly gathered the valuable possessions and started heading towards the back door so they couldn’t be seen by the biggest enemy, the American army.

The group managed to run so far away leaving several hills between themselves and the army. Sneaking between boulders, they ducted down so they wouldn’t be seen by anyone, “We can’t stay here much longer, we’ll never survive”, Bellawra sobbed. Sabrina and then her two men talking about Australia and how it was a safe place. He thought for a second then informed Yuzaducq and Bellawra About what he just heard.  He suggested that they should all go there and as expected they both agreed so just like that they started their journey to Australia as a mini pack.

Yuzaducq stopped walking after a couple of hours because he felt and looked terrible. He panted “I don’t think I can go on” “No! we are not going any further without you” demanded Sebran. We all sat down for a couple of minutes before we decided that we should go on and Sebran  got up and realised that Yuzaducq  can walk properly because he had many injuries. So me and Sebran and gave him piggybacks until you felt like you could start walking property again

They all stopped working when they saw an aeroplane period Bellarwa thought of sneaking inside but that idea quickly flew out of her mind when Sebran shouted “I’m afraid of heights”, “This is the time when we find a way to get to safety and this is how you react?” Yuzaducq  angrily replied back to him. Is not even possible to sneak inside a plane. Sebran thought out loud. They continue to walk until they spot a boat, period the boat was packed with terrified passengers, but they still manage to answer the boat by squeezing through everyone.  It took a while to find a seat but eventually, they found one and quickly sat on it before anyone took it. Bellawra, Sebran and Yuzaducq  have already started to imagine their new life in Australia.

When they made it they thought that they had  to start a new life just like that comment but they were wrong because they got put into a detention centre period they thought that they would write to death in their, but they only stayed there for a couple of months and then got released “wow”  was that what they all exclaimed as soon  as they got out period as surely was much prettier than they had imagined it would be.

Bellawra  started working and her cousins started school. Now when she comes back from work and they come back from school they make sure  that they always look out the window and visit places so they can admire the beautiful scenery of Australia together. Now she can play with her cousins like she used to with her older brother’s when she was just a little girl.

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