Blinded By The Sun

By Hannah

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

How am I to see the beauty of the world when I have been blinded by the sun? To me, the world is a place full of repetitive actions, happiness lasting only for short seconds. There is no clear purpose, and without a reason, what is the point of living?


‘The days become weeks and the weeks become months, then months turn into years. After it all we look back to notice the commonality between the days and years and how the sunset, each in its own beautiful and different way, has helped to transform us to be better people.’

The days that pass with every new meaningless task seem to have no purp[ose, that is how it seems. I was proved wrong when my sister told me, ‘I appreciate whenever you make me food and wake me up in the morning. It always makes me a bit happier.’ I realised that the things that seemed useless to me were a gem in the eyes of others. Like the sunsets that occur everyday, there are people who see the beauty within each day. 


Sometimes when I feel that the sunset is to be my last, I remember and hold onto the small moments I had in the past. I remember how my gaze was set to the sun only to see something lighter than a star. Outside the window there were people I hold dearly, waving outside, smiles shining so bright I could not help but smile back. Perhaps the memory is fading away along with the time that sinks me into a state where I can no longer remember those few minutes. so, I am forever grateful for the friends I have today. What I see in the sun, I see in a smile. They help me to stay sane and remember the warmth of the kindness they have given me. They are my light. 



I was five when I first discovered art. My sister loved to draw and I enjoyed watching her. To me art is something that is developed through skill and years of practice. art has helped to influence who I have become and who I am today. Drawing is a talent that all members of my family love to use, they are all incredibly creative and talented people. Drawing has helped me to express my emotions in ways words can never do.