bubble tea

By Lauren, Year 10

Written as part of Factory Feedback

My second home: 

I slowly transition my youthful eyes to the long line of customers, leading up to my second house, my one and only place, my home. My eyes shut gently, only sniffing the sugary aroma of the strong, yet pleasant tea fragrance. Is this real life right now? I immediately know I’m here home sweet home. I blissfully pranced to my way to the entrance of my house, followed by light chatters of kids begging for a drink. Looking around in the left corner of my eye were variant, illuminous colours of jellies and toppings sitting in its container. To the right were vibrant pink and white flora cascading down from the ceiling, accompanied by the blanketing of fairy lights. The sweet, gooey tea flavour swirled in with rich, vanilla ice cream made the experience more enjoyable. The shaking of the China made plastic cup, filled with chewy black pearls, smothered with brown sugar syrup, complemented by the one-of-a-kind milk tea, topped off with a thin plastic seal once again, cured my insatiable thirst yet again. No other beverage could ever fulfill my ravenous crave.

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