Bullying by Bodhi

By Bodhi, Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Being bullied during your youth can affect how you interact with others, how you look and act physically, what you are represented as verbally, how you can be damaged socially, and the true affects emotionally.

Understanding the true impact of bullying someone or the damage that has been done to them can help stopping or curing bullying.

Learning that you can talk to someone can really help whilst or after getting bullied, but the hardest part is actually going to the next step and talking to someone 

Listen to the advice you get given from other people to help you overcome the people that are bullying you or giving you a hard time

Youth can be heavily affected to bullying and can hurt their future and how they view things in life, they can also be prone to being bullied at ages around 12-16

In some cases of bullying it can get very bad and serious, sometimes leading to suicidal thoughts, harm to self, and/or suicide, before it gets to this, for yourself or a friend/family member contact Kids Helpline | Phone Counselling Service | 1800 55 1800 

No person of any age should go through the pain of being bullied in any form

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