By December Jade

By Lama, Year 3

Written as part of In-school Program

The monster was running from Mount Pritchard to Perth! He was so fast.
Faster than a flash. I called, ‘Stop!’ and he roared like a lion.
I asked him, ‘Are you from space?’ But just as I said it, he was
gone. He left a note and it said I am from the galaxy. I smiled thinking I had a
connection with him.
The next day I heard a knock. It was the monster. I asked, ‘What’s
your name?’
He said, ‘Gogago.’ Then he said, ‘Hungry.’ So I gave him Coco Pops
but instead of the Coco Pops he ate the bowl. I was amazed. Then he ate my
iPad, my bed and my pencil case.
I was making friends. But then he rushed off. He went into the
woods. I heard a voice saying, ‘Welcome.’ The voice was whispering. I was
scared but then there was a ship. I asked, ‘Where are you going?’
He said, ‘Bye.’
Sadly he vanished. All I have left is a photo with him.