Dizzy’s Monster by Pratha

By Pratha, Year 8

Dizzy knows there’s a monster living secretly in her room. She’s seen all the evidence. She’s sure it’s there, biding it’s time, waiting for the best moment to attack. 

No one believes her, though. It’s frustrating.

Her brother’s exact words were “Get your head out of the clouds, Dizzy. There’s no way there’s a monster underneath your bed.”

“But why do you think that?” she replied

“It’s your imagination. There’s no actual proof.”

Dizzy knew he’d be doubtful. 

“But there is! My bed is always creaking as if someone – or something – is shuffling underneath it. Whenever I leave something like a book on my bed, it disappears and then turns up, underneath my bed, a few days or weeks later, speaking of that, my lunches have been going missing. Do you have something to do with that or? Whatever. I found a few hairballs on the floor of my closet the other day, and before you say it was my own, I don’t shed that much and how would it end up in the closet anyway? I always turn my alarm clock on, but in the mornings it’s always off-”

He laughed. “Dizzy… none of that is proof. You’re responsible for nearly all of it. If monsters existed, I doubt they’d care about your books or your alarm clock.”

Dizzy rolled her eyes. He didn’t understand yet. 

“But that’s its plan, don’t you see? It’s starting small, then it’s going to-”

He cut her off. “Dizzy, your imagination is overreacting.”



“Why won’t you just listen?” Dizzy turned and left the room, yelling. “I’m trying to tell you something!”

Her other attempts weren’t much better. Her friends laughed at her, her parents brushed her off, her cousins looked at her like she was crazy. 

Dizzy knows she’s not crazy. 

She just needs solid proof…