Don’t Judge by Tom

By Tomasi, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Do you ever judge? Then you are certainly an uninformed person! It is a well known fact that things are not always as they seem. This is due to every person in the world being an individual, having their own  unique race, beliefs, and traditions.    

To begin with, don’t you think that every individual should be respected in our society? .   Have you thought if judging by race is destroying an individual? How would you feel? For example what if you entered a country not knowing you are specifically restricted in where you can visit and what you can do due to your race? How would you feel?  Certainly not accepted. Judging is wrong and racism is disgraceful.

Furthermore, judging by belief is rude and disrespectful and can have negative effects on a person’s health. Knowing this information isn’t it enough for individuals, we must act on it! Governments must find programs and introduce laws stopping judgment based on race, belief and tradition.                                                   

We are all aware that traditions differ between people, families, societies and cultures and is one tradition more important or acceptable than another? Absolutely not ! For example what if you entered a church being a muslim and were asked to leave due to you own personal traditions. How would you feel? Again, certainly not accepted.                    

To summarise judging is completely wrong and should not be done regardless af tradition, race and belief as everybody knows that things are not always as they appear.

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