Don’t Target Bob

By Jayden, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Bob sprinted past the abandoned factory, glancing at the basketball court next to it. His head turned to see the distance between him and the two black clothed people. There was about 50 meters between them. Bob just wanted to play basketball today, but the two men tried to pin him down. Bob just thought about why the men wanted to take him, but he was too focused on running to think carefully and he didn’t like to call for help as he thought he was independent. In the corner of his eye, there appeared to be a sports store in running distance and that was a great place to stock up on items to defend himself. Once again, Bob checked again and there was a great distance between them so it was a good idea. 

He entered the store looking for specific items: metal golf clubs, two long straps and handballs. These items were perfect for taking out the two men. The golf clubs were for attacking them if they got close, the straps were for keeping the club in place and handballs were better than tennis balls to throw at the men. Bob heard weird sounds outside and checked the front of the store. He saw nothing, so he quickly checked out and left the store.

The men were not behind me when he looked around. He was confused. But he placed the straps on. The golf clubs fit perfectly on his back with the help of the straps. The handballs were all placed in my pockets and his jet black bag. Silently sneaking out the store, he made sure that the clubs were secured and ready for action. Once again, Bob checked behind him for the men and he started running. A droplet of sweat dripped down his face, he was a bit tired. 

After a while of running, there was a sound. It sounded like a car. Bob glanced behind him and saw a black car zooming towards him. Bob looked through the front window and it was the two black clothed men. 

“Give us your family’s diamond and we will stop chasing you!” yelled the buffer man. 

“That’s why,” Bob said quietly. 

But Bob bolted in direction to the vehicle and took a golf club out. He held it in his right hand and kept on running towards the van. The men were shocked as Bob was bolting towards him because they wanted him alive, so they could demand a ransom if he did not give the diamond. The men did a sharp turn as Bob aimed a handball at the side window of the car. The windows glass shattered and bits of glass splattered everywhere.
“You monster!” the fatter man yelled.

Bob went in closer and held both golf clubs in his hands, and smashed the car. Dents and dents were starting to appear each time there was a strike. Bob smashed windows and the doors of the car. The men got out, but Bob was a skilled pitcher and many handballs came zooming to them. The men screamed in agony as the handballs hit their vulnerable spots.

“You shouldn’t have come after me,” Bob said as he knocked the men unconscious with the clubs.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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