Earth’s Last Day

By Andre K, Year 7

There is darkness all around me. I’ve been drifting for five hours since the accident. I look back, I see my home planet. It is covered by darkness.

A tear rolls down my cheek, I remember the horrific event. My wife and I were escaping planet Earth from the greedy and evil aliens. We were heading for the escape when out of nowhere a laser beam shoots the left wing where my beautiful wife Kate was driving. I pressed eject before the ship explodes, sadly my beautiful wife didn’t make it. I search the debris and see nothing but the necklace I gave her on our wedding day.  In the distance I see an abandoned military base. I put on a new spacesuit and collect weapons and a shield and head out to a new spaceship and head off to save the world.

I jump into the ship and turn on the thrusters and head straight for Earth. I do my sign of the cross and shout “For Kate and Earth!” A tear rolls down my cheek.

The ship hits Earth with a massive explosion that wipes out the surface of Earth. The explosion turns into an even bigger one when the Earth’s core cracks. Then there is a black hole which sucks in all the debris until there is nothing but stars in the dark and quiet cosmos. 

Unfortunately, I’m not going to make it and I’ll turn out like my wife. I feel proud of my heroic actions but I am resigned to my fate.