End To The Internet

By Monthira

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

“What could put an end to the internet?’


My experience for this quote is, I can relate to the usage of the internet as it helps me to communicate with others. If there was an instance where there would be no internet I wouldn’t be able to connect globally and I’d lose connection with others. if the internet was to end today I would personally feel like I lost everything I have earned. The end of the internet could possibly make me feel empty and lose a part of me. 

During the time that I use the internet I’ve met many people online and I became closer with them as well as developing good friendships, the bond I’ve created with them has helped me to enjoy using the internet. 



When I was twelve years old I was sport captain for Wattle. I was really scared to do my speech in front of my peers but in the end my confidence went up because I was selected to be Wattle sports captain.