By Lauren, Year 10

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Unveiling the enchanting masterpiece, 

acting as everlasting protection for species of all.

Blissful tears stream down her angelic face

Like cascading waterfalls. 

The wind, as an orchestral conductor, 

sends great waves into their crescendos. 

Pulses of energy illuminating under the full moon so bright, 

formed a steady, slow rhythm that night. 

The ethereal creation remained in her embrace, 

bringing a flash of blue in the amber light.

Her tawny hair sprawled upon the soft greenery, 

Accompanied the speechless scenery.

The transparent, salty atmosphere that it emits, 

soothes every part of my mind.

Its demand to remain as it is,

Only asking for you to be kind.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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