Escaped Room

By Ella, Year 4

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Chapter 1

Warning sirens about to blow your ears off while you keep desperately walking to escape. While the sirens increase in sound every step you take you’re in absolute horror. You walk while you start to hear eerie screaming from all around. Then you black out. You hear nothing but silence until you feel someone pick you up. You soon wake up. You realise you’re in the place where the warning sirens were going on. All you feel is a chill down your spine while you see you’re in a rusting cage. You step out of the rusting cage cautiously trying to not get cut. You look in the other rusting cages. One was only dust but the other rusting cages were still there. You smell rotten flesh like its been there for a thousand years. You start walking while you see the wall crumble you then see a boy! You are about to ask him something when you notice it’s a hologram and see his mouth moving but you can not hear him. You suddenly notice you are deaf and can not hear from those warning sirens… You also realise you aren’t the only one who has been here…

Chapter 2 coming soon!

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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