Giraffe By Tiba

By Tiba, Stage 3

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Hi, if you are wondering where you are, then you are in the toy world and I am a giraffe. So in the toy world you have to be careful because you can get squashed by the giants, giants have sharp teeth but if you see one you have to stop and freeze. But if you don’t and keep running you will become their next meal. People in my village tell their kids that story but i knew that it was real so one day i went to a giant abandoned castle which seemed like a giant lived there so i peeked inside and found out that i was right. All of a sudden I started to wonder why my parents did not tell me about it. I was confused because it was pitch black outside and I now know that the giants wake up in the middle of the night. But when it left it’s castle it turned small and turned into a cat? If you are wondering what happened to the giant, well it’s my pet cat now. We lived happily ever after.

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