Growth Mindset

By Trixie

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart Written as part of Inside Out

“In a growth mindset people realise that they are capable of changing and growing their most basic abilities, like intelligence and talent, through effort and dedication.”


Some people are very capable of doing whatever they put their mind to. I feel as though some people have lost opportunities and challenges because they choose to not try their best and put in one hundred percent of their effort. No matter how terrible someone is at a certain task they’ll get better and there is a lot of room for improvement and chances to get better. Things will take time and as said in the quote, people are capable of changing and growing. In my own personal experience I relate to this quote and it makes me think of how I’ve struggled with giving and showing my full potential, because I’m afraid to feel judged and get laughed at. I feel really embarrassed when I see someone do something and complete it with ease. I sometimes feel useless or unworthy when I haven’t gone through a correct route in terms of completing my work or other activities and I feel anxious when someone gives me feedback or compliments me. There are many moments where I’ve tried to expand and learn more but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Even if I know that I wouldn’t achieve it I will strive to convince myself to think I will and I can achieve it. 



Something I find valuable now and I might find valuable in the future is my relationship with my parents. We’ve become closer in the last few years. I’ve got to connect with them more because I grew more mature and I understand their struggles and know how to talk to them and relate to them. I got to talk to them a lot more as I get older and have the ability to know the hardship they had to go through. 



The thing that will never change about me is my beliefs and values. It will never change because my parents always remind me of it and I will stand by it every single day. I value many things about my life – like working hard and empathising with other people as well as compassion.