I Am

By Ayah

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

I am the backyard of any childhood house. 

Big and sunny I am

The smell of a baking cake which fills my house.  I am

Chicken, rice, lemon, dried leaf made by mum. I am

The shades of green you find in different leaves. I am

Light from fire lit to keep warm in winter. I am

The sound of rain in the morning I am

The texture of silk I am

Observant, artistic, analytical. 


My ambition to complete an artwork I can admire. Summer – the time where my passion to create and observe the shadows and folds of an image erupt. The feeling of the summer sun and warmth pierces my open windows and onto my skin. The quiet of the atmosphere sounds so loud, and the feeling of anxiety and ambition arises within me. The ability to create, to observe, to analyse, move my brush and wait for the release.


Someone you were in the past

In summer at my house with the windows open in every room. Fitting in a t-shirt and shorts with your hair in a claw clip. During this time working on drawing or painting on a canvas and having complete focus on the task. The thought of the final product and the thought what I can marvel at afterwards fills me with anxiety and ambition to feel accomplished after my hour of art.


Something you value in the present

I value having Saturday and Sunday mornings to have breakfast with my family. Being able to make sweet tea and be in the comfort of my family, to talk about everything that is nothing makes these particular moments ones that i never want to leave or escape from. Having the ability to get dressed, put on my makeup and laugh with my younger sister while taking hours to get ready to go nowhere in particular makes me value the time and ability I have to do this.


Something that will never change

Coffee. The bitterness, the warmth, the sleepy feeling after drinking it with my mum across me on the couch brings me comfort and hope that this moment won’t change