I Can’t Get Out by Dünya

By Dunya, Year 6

BZZZZZZ! BZZZZZZZ! Zena was up and dressed to get to work at the hive. As she happily said bye to her family and set off, she realised the day was beautiful. She excitedly sang “good morning sun, good morning flowers, good morning everyone.” Zena was determined to arrive at her work early today since she was always late. 

At the hive everyone was wishing that Zena would come early so that she wouldn’t be in trouble like she usually would. Her mother was the most worried for Zena coming late again since it happens everyday. 

As Zena was on her way she passed a lovely garden, it had roses and many beautiful kinds of flowers. When she was pollinating one of the flowers a very strong smell of honey passed her. Since Zena loves to explore she had to find the source of the smell.  

She followed the smell for a while and when the smell became very strong she found herself in a kitchen. The honey smell was coming from an open jar of honey on the counter. She flew in to get a closer look at what was happening. She landed in the jar to have a taste of what a bee’s hard work turns out to be and she loved it!

All of a sudden she heard two people chatting to each other saying “Quickly shut the jar and eat your cereal we are running late.” And “Honey, remind the kids you cooked their dinner and we will be home a little bit late.” 

The next thing she knew the lid of the jar was on and screwed on tight then the people were out of the house with the door locked. Zena started to scream for help but no one could hear her and she realised she would be here for a long time. “Oh no I can’t get out!” she worriedly blurted. Constantly her brain was saying “You are gonna be stuck in here forever!” Every time she heard these words shivers ran all through her tiny little body. 

What felt like many hours had passed, she heard the door lock begin to twist, then the door opened and two excited children ran inside. She hoped one of them would open the jar! And at that second the little boy complained that he wanted a banana and honey toast. His sister argued with him that their mum made food for them and that he shouldn’t eat it so his appetite would not be ruined for their dinner. After Zenas’ hopes dropped the teen girl finally allowed him to have 1 toast with half a banana and a little honey.