Ice-cream: Frozen Explosion

By Lauren, Year 10

Written as part of Factory Feedback

My eyes glistened under the typical scorching sun, on a typical summer’s day, amongst a typical family. Although my insatiable crave for the ‘Frozen Explosion’ was certainly, uncontrollable. It was my ultimate attention and demanding attitude, which managed to convince a determined adults’ mind. The melting glacier overflowed the crunchy waffle cone intertwined with the sweet taste of chocolate and vanilla. Scarlet red juice dripped from the top of the cherry, artistically cascading down on the ripples of soft, whipped cream. The various sized peanuts crunch between my teeth, swirling the cream in every crevice of my mouth, then absorbing onto my taste buds. The small plastic spoon shaped in a heart comforted the welcoming atmosphere, immediately plastering a grin on my face. Incorporating various coloured m&ms, drizzling Hershey’s chocolate syrup, sprinkling on pieces of strawberries made the experience so enjoyable. My mouth exploding with every bite, with dribbles of creamy milk dripping onto my chin, staining my brand new white shirt. Every crunch laced in between every bite took, felt like a fragment of heaven. I embraced every last second of the unforgettable memory, laughing and cheering with my loved ones. My sweet tooth has finally been soothed.

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