If I Were In A World Where

By Grace

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

If I were in a world where everyone and everything was the same, I’ll get bored easily and find another world where I can be myself. It’s better to be yourself than trying to fit in, it makes people interesting. Trying to be what society tells us to be is plain and dull, expressing how you feel and what you like would make everything bright and vibrant, like hollywood. This doesn’t just apply to people, it can apply to buildings, drawings and literally everything around us. When I’m drawing I fill my paper with colour and textures so it doesn’t look bland and same. I make every drawing pop. If your friends don’t enjoy your company, get new friends who will. In my personal experience, I have a friend named Yesha and she is very expressive and I feel like I can open up to her, she’s very cool. Maria is also expressive (in her ways, violence) today she pushed me and I rolled 360 degrees, but she is kind and has a fun personality which is why I enjoy talking to her and ignore her violent acts toward me.  



Nobody feels perfect all the time, so we deal with the imperfections of our day. How I unwind is writing, when I don’t feel great or like me, I write stories until I do feel like me. Writing stories o0nj topics I like makes me feel separate from the world, once I have finished writing and still don’t feel good I re-read over and over again, fixing every mistake, changing words or finding better emotions until I feel better. To me writing makes the world stop ticking and freezes in place. I portray my feelings and thoughts into the characters I use and write how they savour or get rid of it and keep writing more and more until I take my own advice about if I should savour or get rid of my feeling. Everybody has a different way to relax and go on about their day.