InstaHope: Untitled

By Halley, Year 10

Written as part of Instahope

Sometimes, the future doesn’t seem so nice.
The future seems bleak, cold, lonely, faraway no no.
Get together your fears, talk to them.
What do they need?
Take care of your body, it houses your soul.
Don’t be afraid of tomorrow, live. Right now.
Eat delicious food of all kinds, we have plenty of roasted meats and sweet
fruits and honey tea and warm spices.
Become who you wish you were.
The road is bumpy, I know you can’t
have it all my friend.
But you can have a beautiful life.
You can have the touch of snowflakes melting on your fingertips.
In your travels across this floating rock,
the cold is biting, but your heart is warm.
You can have the sound of all the music that was and ever will be.
Shredding guitars, soothing pianos, the sound of a thousand voices in a
concert, the bass that pumps through your blood and reminds you that you’re alive.
You can have the sunlight pouring through your window every morning, the
dust swirling in the gold.
You’d need to vacuum, but you can treat yourself to a donut after.
You can have many things, you can have hope.

This project has been generously supported by BridgeLane and the Sheargold Foundation.

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