Le Demyon

By Lidija

When they got to the town the sun was making its first appearance, which
meant it was almost time for the ceremony. Each person aged from 16 to 20
would contribute and put their name into a pot. A name would be chosen
randomly and demons from Hëll would come to collect the sacrifice.
‘Are you scared, Nehemia?’
She looked to Cassian with wide eyes. ‘Should I be?’ She spoke in a
small voice, so unlike herself.
‘Nehemia, I’m here.’ The only reassurance she needed, to know that
her big brother was always there.
Leonidas and Nehemia wandered off while Ana stayed with Cassian
on the other side of Town Square. ‘It should start any second, Cass,’ she
whispered next to him, ‘I’m worried about Nehemia, this is her first time.’
In all honesty, so was he, but he would never let them know. Cassian
had to be strong for his sisters, his family. No one would see him cry. ‘Head
up, Ana, all will be fine.’
But was it? A voice in the back of his head whispered. His bickering
thoughts were cut off by the loud sound of drums. It was time.
Cassian found Nehemia and Leonidas sitting by the fountain, and
he and Ana joined them. Everyone was gathered around, silent as night.
Cassian felt a strange feeling, the feeling of unease ran through his body. He
grabbed Nehemia’s hand and they all stood up to gather by the fire to await
the announcement. Their town was a small one, made up of small-minded