Locals vs Robots

By Tamara, Year 8

Written as part of Robots vs Locals

Story 1: Phone

Today marks year 4. I was just getting used to this life, it was becoming the norm, but I got thrown a curveball! My phone had come to life. Betrayal. I was at a cafe on the phone with my friend until it came alive and said, “You got no friends now.” And deleted all my apps.

Story 2: Sandwich maker

I was making a sandwich until it started snapping t me and fried my hand and then said, “Nom, nom. Do you want a knuckle sandwich?”

I said, “Shut up, you stupid sandwich maker, I will just throw you out and get a new one that doesn’t talk. It just toasts my sandwich unlike you annoying piece of rubbish. You were a waste of my money. Let’s take this outside so everyone can see what a waste of money you are. They will buy a newer sandwich maker. They will just buy a toaster cause no one will have time for you and no one ever bought a sandwich maker again.”