Locals vs Robots

By Beckham, Year 8

Written as part of Robots vs Locals

5pm 17th December – the day before my birthday

*Starts filming* Hello this is Beckham I’m in the canteen with Matthew at the Chifley College Dunheved Campus. We’ve locked the gates on the sides and are calling for help.

We were back helping and cleaning up. We were cleaning the canteen when we heard a static voice faintly saying we must destroy the humans. So we locked the gates and hopped behind the counter. They were getting closer and closer.

Second by second. I’m going to go scout the school and see where we can go then suddenly BOOM! Clash! Clank! I saw the robot bursting through the gates with 2,4,6,8,12 minions. I nearly tripped but I stopped before I did and I ran as fast as my tired legs could carry me back in time. I locked the gate as soon as I got back. *Video saved camera died*