Look Away

By Julia

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

‘Look away for a second too long and you’ve missed it!’


I get easily distracted, I constantly look away. An example of this is when I was watching a show with my friend, there was honking and beeping so I went outside to check, without pausing or realising the show was on, so as I was looking outside I missed the most important part of the show. Thankfully my friend replayed it for me. That is my experience of looking away for a second and missing everything. Sometimes looking away for even a second is not something I’d like to do but I tend to do unintentionally. 



I am awkward and I fidget with my phone a lot to get out of socialising and awkward occurrences. I pull my phone out of my pocket, I open it, I scroll onto an app and close my phone to seem busy or occupied. This method normally works with a friend of mine who I walk to school with when it is awkward. Other times when I do this I’m nervous, I fidget a lot with my phone to take my mind off something nerve-racking. Although I am socially awkward in person, online I’m a whole different person and my personality is the opposite. 


To get out of weird situations online that my friends are talking about I use a different app or leave my phone for one second. Every time I do this I miss out on something my friends are showing or talking about. A real life experience of this was, I was already on my phone but I looked away for a moment, during that second my friend deleted an image they sent that everyone saw but I had just missed it because every moment does matter, looking away or fidgeting will make you miss the moments. 



Something that has great value to me currently is either reading or watching a show I enjoy. At night or whenever I’m upset/angry I like to read web comics that are normally romance or slice of life, they always manage to make me happy. A show that is one of my comfort shows is probably ‘From me to You’, it’s a show I have watched previously but I never get sick of it, it makes me happy and I can talk about it for multiple hours non-stop.