Look Away by Yesha

By Yesha

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

‘Look away for a second too long and you’ve missed it.’


If we keep looking back and holding on to our past, we’ll miss out on the great opportunities, friendships and experiences that are planned for us. And miss many things that will help us be better. 


If we look back and focus on what we have at the moment then you will realise that you changed for the better. Thinking about your plans and achieving your goals and forgetting the past. Think about your plans and goals and forget about the past.


Having quality friends is better than quantity and if we keep holding on to our past friends we won’t be able to appreciate new ones. The idea of this piece is that we will never know who we will be or be friends with in the future. So think of your friends like a necklace, it may choke you, make you feel good, and it can only last for a period of time unless you appreciate and take care of it. 


Something that will never change is me having my friends connected to me and now I value both my past and present friends. 



When I first started playing volleyball I knew I couldn’t spike and serve the ball. That was last year, now every time I serve and spike the ball I still think about what happened last year and doubt myself. But once I forget about it and move on I can serve the ball like I’m a trained player. 



When I first got here in Australia I made few friends and in high school I made a connection with a girl named Grace. Year seven, new friends, new school. Me and Grace went to the same primary school but never talked before. During orientation we introduced ourselves and we pretended to be really good friends since primary when we didn’t even say a word to each other. And as the year goes by she became my really close friend