Memories Crash Us Like Waves

By Nawal

People say as we age we get older and we forget things. But that is not true, as we age our
memories crash us like waves that crash on the sandy shore, some soak in your brain some
wash away like waves, but mine stayed in my brain for 10 years. A decade has passed but
those memories about your time with family and friends are something you cherish forever,
but some people don’t because of what happened to them because of their friends or family.
But mine weren’t like that, my life was a life every kid would have wanted. Loving friends,
parents and siblings going on trips or even laughing and joking around at home. That is the
life I had but my most cherished memories are when my parents took me to my favourite
beach which has the world’s whitest sand. My friends came along it was the best time of my
life spending the summer with my friends, parents and siblings. Gosh time flies when you are
having fun with the people you love the most. You might be wondering why I’m writing this
because right now I’m on that beach watching the waves crashing on the shore, the sun
setting down and the cool breeze brush on my pale skin while writing this in my book.
Four years have passed but those dark memories from the past never leave you. Anyway it
was late at night maybe near midnight I got off work and drove back to my penthouse but as I
was driving my old address was coming up just around the corner and I could see the
wrecked pieces still lying around. I guess even after four years years no one bothered coming
and fixing the place, even looking at that place gives me flashbacks of my dark past.
The creaky wind blew. The mist began to cover the graves as I started to find my best friend’s
grave with roses in one hand and my hand gripping a gun in my coat pocket. I could hear
misty voices like someone whispering hoarsely. I reached to my besties grave and sat there
for a few minutes remembering how she sacrificed her life for me a year ago, as I was in my
thoughts circling around like a toy train. I feel this overwhelming pain.
I slowly felt as if someone else was here. The wind blew my hair into my face. Through the
peaks of my hair, I saw someone or something. She faded the minute I moved my hair from
my face. Suddenly I felt her tap my shoulder. She was there right behind me. What should I
do? Run. Run Isabelle and never return. But there was one problem how was I going to run
away if that thing was right behind me. Slowly I took out my gun from my coat pocket and
slowly turned around and BANG and she disappeared taking that opportunity I ran out of the
cemetery to my lamborghini and drove past the speed limit to my mansion. Guess the police
will be paying a visit to me about driving past the speed limit and ever since that day I never
went to the graveyard I always asked my bodyguards to put the flowers but some return and
tell me what they see and some never returned.