Men That Hunted The Woods

By Hannah, Stage 5

Written as part of Art Write Light 2021

Art Write Light 2021 is a  creative writing project curated by Story Factory, in collaboration with visual artist Blak Douglas. During the program, students from Bonnyrigg High School and St Clair High School were introduced to the work of Blak Douglas, and created written and audio pieces responding to his artwork. The audio you’re about to listen to features a young writer from the program reading an extract from their work.



Men That Hunted The Woods

Everyone’s heard of him. Everyone’s either afraid or loves him unquestionably. Deep within the woods the rickety old cabin groans as his cackling was heard. 


What the bloody hell did I do to deserve this? Why me? Constantly waking up at night covered in sweat and gasping for air. More often than not looking around wildly looking for them.

It happened almost a month ago but I can still remember it clear as day. Obviously I screwed up, really, I get that accidentally killing someone, especially if that someone is a very powerful witch, will have repercussions. No one listened to me when I said the intended target spotted me and moved when I took the shot and killed a pretty powerful spellcaster.

So maybe I’m responsible but they could’ve let me explain. Reasonable would be making a spell so I couldn’t use any type of weapon for a couple of weeks when I ‘learned my lesson’ but they did something a lot worse that put others at risk.

I sighed, gasping, which fogged up the windows, thinking how bad this was.

Monologue 2

Bang the sound of gunshots were heard. I fell down to the floor. 

Yells of my name could be heard, Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, then everything went black.

I woke up in a very unusual room but it kinda looked familiar. I looked around and realised where I was. I was in E/N’s room. I tried to get up but the machines next to me started to beep. 

I fell straight to the floor. E/N came running in and so did my B/N. B/N came in running and sat right next to my hospital bed. I didn’t think nothing of it. He came and held my hand, mind you I was pretending I was asleep. He sat down and put his hand on my leg and started to yell at me for no reason. That’s when E/N came into the room and started going off at him. I was so upset because I hate it when people fight. E/N heard me whimper and asked his bodyguard to escort B/N out of the hospital. I was still brain dead.


Much is Rife, Blak Douglas, 2021

Art Write Light is generously supported by the Balnaves Foundation.

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