Mood Poem: Chocolate and Brooklyn 99

By Jamal, Stage 4

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

When I’m in my room and I am relaxed on the bed, it makes me feel safe.
I’m in my room crunching on chocolate.
The chocolate makes me feel relaxed.
I head to Netflix to watch Brooklyn 99. It lifts my mood
I switch to Kobra Kai to finish the series

My mood is changing….

Walking to languages makes me feel as tired as a sloth.
Doing chores, as in cleaning my room makes me slow as a snail.
Iphone alarms make me annoyed.

I feel safe in my room, in my bed
I am relaxed crunching chocolate
Netflix – Brooklyn 99 lifts me up
The switch to Kobra Kai and I am high

Then I think of tomorrow

Walking to languages I am tired like a sloth
Cleaning my room I am slow like a snail
The iphone alarm annoys me.

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