Mood Poem: Untitled

By Alyssia, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Annoyance is frustrating because you can be annoyed with your cousin, or friend, or when you hear the vacuum.
Boredom is annoying because you have nothing to do and you have no one to play with.
Worry is scary because I hate the doctor’s, even though they help our lives.
Loneliness is boring because you can’t go to Queensland or Aquatopia. 

And then I win the lottery. 

Happiness is amazing because I can go to the snow, and eat garlic bread, and go to the beach
Calmness is good because there is quietness
Pride is when you look good and you eat extremely with respectfulness
Confidence is when I eat dolma and pacha. 

And I will always be happy, kind, confident and resplendent.

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