Mood Poem: Untitled 

By Boran, Stage 4

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

My home and my school make me feel very relaxed.
My favourite TV show ‘Cobra Kai’ is a very cool show and it makes me feel very awesome because I can relate the story to my life.
The taste of doughnuts is so good but I don’t like how it has to have a lot of sugar in them and when you eat them, you start to get fat.
Winning in a game of taekwondo makes me feel like I’m the best and I feel really proud.

Doing languages at school makes me feel as bored as a slow sloth. The subject is interesting but the teachers are not fun at all.
On Youtube, KSI’s laugh makes me feel very annoyed because it is very loud and it is very weird.
The beeping sound at night on my dishwasher keeps me awake at night and I get very annoyed especially when it is a school day and I have to wake up early.
Art makes me feel very bored because most of the time I don’t know what to do.
I like going to school but some subjects make me feel bored.

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