Museum of Me

By Taraziya, Year 10

Written as part of We're Writing to Say


This towel is from when I was born, when the priest baptised me. My mum

put me in the towel, the colour is white, it was so big and has my name on it.

I was crying but when they put me in the towel, I stopped crying. Until now, I

still have it.


My doll’s name is Taniya, her hair is dark brown. She dresses in blue, and

when I’m bored I talk to her. My aunt chose her for me but my dad bought

her for me because I was crying for an ice cream. He said, ‘I will buy you

another,’ then we went to the shop and he bought me the doll. When I got

back home, I hugged her. I felt happy because I don’t have a sister and I think

she is my sister. I got her when I was eight years old.


When I was eight years old I went to Lebanon. My friends gave me this letter

to say ‘goodbye’ and ‘we love you’. It is light pink, and has a flower on it. I

love it because it is special, and when I miss my friends I read this letter.

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