Museum of Me: Untitled

By Dean, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Chunky Cheese

This CHUNKY cheese is from the scene in Diary of a Wimpy Kid of the CHEESE TOUCH! It literally looks like cheese and it’s really big. It has the smell of all kinds of rotten cheese and tastes good! Its sound is like a big drum. The reason why this CHUNKY CHEESE is important to me is because I love cheese and I eat it every time. 

Chunky Wombats

These creatures are the most chunkiest animals in the world. Their fur, tiny ears, fat belly, big legs, it smells like stinky socks and it feels very squishy. It tastes like poop and it sounds like someone is snoring. This creature is important to me because it reminds me of my toy wombat and it is very cute. 

Chunky Chicken

This chicken is really big and really delicious when cooked. It looks red hot, fur, big beak, and it sounds like a rooster. The reason why I want a chunky chicken is because I love chicken so much.

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