Museum of Me: Untitled

By Christy, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Chocolate Pool

In my museum I will have a giant chocolate pool (milk chocolate) and it has an entrance for you to come in and actually swim in it, but you will have to pay. There are showers close by for you to wash off. You can’t drink the chocolate (because it’s melted), so after one person has used it, we quickly clean it, ready for the next person. It is important to me because I love chocolate. 

Chocolate Fountain

This is important to me because I’ve always wanted to see and have a chocolate fountain. As you walk in, you see a regular-sized chocolate fountain that has white chocolate coming out (I like to use different chocolate flavours, even though I might not like them). The actual fountain is silver, and at the bottom it has info about me, carved on. So when you come you could sit down near the fountain, eat a chocolate bar, and read my amazing books about chocolate. We also have dentists to check teeth later. 

Walls of Chocolate

The main thing about my factory is the chocolate (duh), so there are metres of walls that have my favourite chocolates and least favourites. It has old, new chocolate, and all kinds of chocolate, even for vegans. If you want you could buy some and eat it, but the ones on the walls are off-limits. This is special to me because if I make chocolate I’m gonna need info, or I might as well call it a diabetes centre. 

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