Museum of Me: Untitled

By Selina, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Mermaid Statue

This statue has pink hair and a blue tail. Her name is Mimmi. This statue is made out of wood. Mimmi is wearing a blue moon ring and a pink shell bracelet, as shiny as a pearl. This is important to me because mermaids always excite me and entertain me. 

Animal Paintings (Panda and Dogs)

These paintings will be on canvases. The pictures will be very colourful and bright. The breed of the puppies will be Golden Retrievers, Staffies, and German Shepherds. 

Glass Statues of the Finna’s

The Finna’s are our group of friends of three. The girls in the Finna’s are Zara, Zoe, and I. We have our own language and our own imaginary friends. We also have Finna pets which are dogs. Zara’s dog is a Cavoodle named Juice. My dog is a German Shepherd named Silva, and Zoe’s dogs’ names are Kibble and Hazel.

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