Museum of Me: Untitled

By Zara, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Mermaid aquarium

There are all different coloured mermaid tails. The mermaids smell as sweet as a cookie. There are lots and lots of mermaids. They are wearing a long tail that looks like a dolphin’s fin and is also wearing some sea jewelry. Mermaids are important to me because they make me feel happy when I feel sad, and they also make me feel really calm. Also, all the mermaids are swimming with all different types of sea creatures.  


Dogs make me feel happy and joyful. Dogs feel super fluffy!!! Even though I love all animals, my favourite has to be dogs and puppies. 

Wax Statue of the Finna’s

The Finna’s is a friend group that started at the beginning of the year (2020). There are three people in the Finna’s, Zarafinna (me), Selinafinna, and Zoefinna. We all have our own pets (dogs), Zarafinna has a Cavoodle named Juiciefinna, Selinafinna has a German Shepherd named Silverfinna, and Zoefinna has two dogs named Kibblefinna and Hazelfinna.

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