Museum of Me: Untitled

By William, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say


Sushi fills my taste buds with joy. It makes my heart pound with deliciousness, it is a true delicacy of Japanese cuisine that I could never let go. The rolled salmon and avocado sushi looks like a rainbow of colours, wrapped in dried seaweed with clusters of rice and slices of avocado and salmon. 


The computer is a true delight that can be modern or old, it’s an excellent device that keeps me lively and entertained for hours. It feels and looks amazing and it’s a fun way to chat and socialise with your friends without seeing them in IRL. The computer can download tons of entertaining games, apps, sounds, and is a much advanced version of an encyclopedia and dictionary/thesaurus. 


My mum is the angel in my life. She is my everything to me. If I lost her I would have nothing. Whenever I hug her this warm feeling warms my heart and makes me never want to let go. I always love seeing her and if I don’t see her in a long time I get really sad. I could never achieve anything or live without her, she is my mother, and I will always love her.

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