Museum of Me: Untitled

By Xavier, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Statues of Real Madrid Players

Real Madrid’s best team is full of legendary and the best soccer players in the world. This object is important to me because it is the soccer team that I support, and want to play alongside the excellent players. 

Soccer Ball

It is golden, like the Real Madrid jersey. It feels hard and pumped up. It’s important to me because every day I practice my skills and shots on goal. I also train with my team. 

Sergio Ramos

This is a statue of Ramos, the best centre back in the world, and he’s holding all of Real Madrid’s trophies. Virgil Van Dijk is on his knees and tying Ramos’s shoelaces.

Proudly funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

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