Museum of Me: Untitled

By Gianni, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say


The buffersword is in the spotlight on a guitar stand, and in the background there are hundreds of different inventions, but the one that was his first solo invention is the most important. When you move closer and touch it, a sound FX from the game starts to play, and it glows two green balls activating the limit sound. The buffersword was from one of my favourite games, Final Fantasy 7 remake, all I could do during the time I played it was build a homemade buffersword, just like in the game. The reason for this being so important to me was because it was my first solo project without the help of a family member, I loved working with one family member but it made me feel very happy for myself to make something so big with no help from family. 


A statue of Gianni is in the middle of a space background, and he holds a dark lightsaber with no power. You press a button and it turns on, and the classic lightsaber sound plays. Silence fills the room. A whoosh of an X Wing starts a video in the background, as a fight between good and bad begins, ending with the saga of movies. The reason a lightsaber was so important to me was that it represented my favourite franchise, Star Wars. I felt that Star Wars was a trait of me, something inside me that I’ll never forget, if I did, I’d be incomplete. I have massive dreams to star in a Star Wars movie or TV show. Without it I would never have started to do theatre/drama as a second class on weekends, with a goal to star in something Star Wars or Disney related. 

Nintendo Switch

As you move into the room, you see a Nintendo Switch with a touch screen background, with all my favourite games. When you touch one the theme plays and you see one of the trailers playing. If you are wondering what those games are, they are Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, and Mariokart.

Proudly funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

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